Technical Communication

Technical Communication is knowledge transfer at the highest level. eos interactive presents products in 3D real time by using highly advanced technology and graphics originally developed for computer games. Knowledge can be experienced.
Brands and products are integrated in an informative setting, Branded Simulation is used to combine information and emotion.
For pioneers.

The pitch of the BMW xDrive for the BMW Welt / Munich required the development of an exhibit which was able to pinpoint technical elements and to make it possible to experience the beneficial value for the customer.
The xDrive is a complex technical component of highest value. It allocates the force to each wheel independently, providing the driver with both speed and stability. This exhibit allows the user to experience this technical feature first hand. During a simulated ride, the system switches into slow motion and transmits the control of the xDrive to the customer. The ideal allocation of force to the wheels is indicated to the user, who attempts to achieve this level of perfection. This is, however, difficult, even in slow motion. Various scenarios showcase how the xDrive system reacts to different road conditions.

Client: BMW AG

eos interactive presented the range of products of the pewo Energietechnik GmbH in 3D in order to illustrate information and contexts and to simply explain the complex world of asset development.

Client: pewo Energietechnik GmbH

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