Branded Entertainment

Branded Entertainment is the convergence of advertising and entertainment. The brand will be presented in an ideal context as part of the interaction. Branded Entertainment combines the product with relevant content thereby creating a strong brand customer relation.
eos interactive provides Branded Entertainment at the highest level inspiring the customer to experience the product.
For pioneers.

eos interactive developed a multiplayer racer for two players and eleven artificial opponents as an exhibit for BMWs MINI at international trade shows sheer racing pleasure through Kart controls.
Easy to learn, hard to master this is the fundamental principle of the game. With its easily accessible interface and an adaptive level of difficulty, this multiplayer game triggers the competitiveness of every user.
The strong design of the brand is vital for MINIs unique role in the market. The challenge was to transport the CI into a virtual and interactive environment without neglecting the principles of game design. This was successfully achieved by a close communication with the MINI brand managers. The colors, the booming metropolis, the architecture everything in this world is MINI.
The Kart feeling longer, wider, lower - being the role model for the MINI, is implemented by the hardware interface, the direct steering and the chosen perspective.

Client: BMW AG / MINI

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